Clif Family Guest Chef Series - Miminashi - Ramen

Clif Family Guest Chef Series - Miminashi - Ramen

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Clif Family Winery
709 Main St
Saint Helena  CA

Cost: $5-$20

Contact: (707) 968-0625

DATE: Wednesday 1.29.2020
Location: Clif Family - 709 Main St, St Helena

Join restaurateur Chef Curtis Di Fede and Beverage Director Jessica Di Fede of Miminashi for a Ramen themed menu at Clif Family.
No Reservation Necessary

Tori Paitan Ramen
Rich creamy Chicken Broth with poached Chicken, Collard Green Kosho, Onsen Farm Egg, charred Broccoli, Chicken Garum, Tatsoi and Mustard
*Veggie option (Roast Maitake, Leeks, Onsen Egg and Mushroom Broth)

Japanese Sweet Potato
Roasted and cooked Japanese Sweet Potato on Teppanyaki with Miso-Butter, Shiso Crème Fraiche, Tobanjan, Scallions and Tenkasu

Miminashi Push-Pop
Black Sesame and Meyer Lemon Soft Cream

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