Napa Valley winemakers use a combination of tried-and-true methods and cutting edge techniques.

Innovation and a curious spirit guide many different approaches to winemaking, but for the Napa winemaker, the goal is always quality over quantity.

For a winemaker, blending grapes from different vineyards means being able to make a wine of greater complexity. Another way to create a unique, distinctive wine is to focus on a single place or single vineyard. Winemakers in Napa Valley have become famous for doing both — creating beautifully blended wines from many sources, and creating distinctive wines from a single grape source: think Martha's Vineyard or To Kalon.

Napa Valley winemakers use a combination of the latest research and equipment, intuition and practical experience to make distinctive wines from our small but diverse winegrowing region. Given the wide range of wines produced here, our winemaking methods have had to evolve throughout the years and our vintners have an intimate connection on how the art of winemaking can bring out the best from the vineyard.

Napa Valley Rocks: Winemaking

Renowned vintners share their views on the terroir of the Napa Valley and why they choose to make wine from this region.

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