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Learn more about Napa Valley wine with our new immersive educational experience.

The Wine Tasts Better in Napa Valley

The Wine Tastes Better Here

Whether you are in the planning stages or close to packing a bag and heading our way, use our trip planner to help you map out your next visit to Napa Valley.

Napa Valley Sessions Cultivating Excellence

Join us for a Napa Valley Session

Explore Napa Valley through a series of online presentations covering a broad range of topics, and hear first hand from Napa Valley's producers.

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Napa Valley Vintners Supporting the Community

Supporting Our Community

Since 1981, we've given more than $200 million to support community health and children's education

Napa Valley 2021 Vintage Notes

Notes on the 2021 Vintage

Follow along as we track the latest Napa Valley Harvest news and information at harvestnapa.com

Improving Diversity, Ensuring Inclusivity and Championing Equity

Improving Diversity, Ensuring Inclusivity and Championing Equity

NVV believes our community and industry should be open and welcoming to people of color, whether working in the industry, visiting Napa Valley or enjoying our wines anywhere.

Napa Valley Vintners COVID-19 Community Response

COVID-19 Community Response

We stand ready to join the world in our efforts to battle this global pandemic and emerge as a strong community.

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