The NVV advocates on behalf of its members on all relevant issues.

Representing 99% of the production of all Napa Valley appellation wines, we advocate on behalf of our members on all relevant issues and at all levels of government: local, state, federal and even internationally. Most of this work is conducted through our Community and Industry Issues Committee — a standing committee of interested and engaged vintners that have the best interests of the business, the land and the Napa Valley brand at heart.

Our goal is to focus on local issues that directly affect the wine industry. We will address state, national, and international issues only if interests are not being well served by another organization. The NVV works with other industry organizations when possible and we do not not dilute our efforts or influence by trying to work on every issue.

Some of the issues we are working on include:

Local Issues Action Plan

We share the concerns of many local residents about the issues of winery compliance and development, transportation, affordable housing, land-use and stewardship. As we’ve done for decades, the NVV seeks to create and underwrite solutions for our community’s most pressing problems. In 2014 we developed our “Local Issues Action Plan,” a comprehensive approach to addressing a number of our community’s most pressing issues.

Learn more about the plan.

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