Napa Valley Vintners Leadership Program

Establishing the next generation of leadership for Napa Valley.

The NVV Leadership Program

The NVV Leadership Program is a tailor-made, unique endeavor in the world of wine; designed for driven professionals with a desire to grow and contribute to the greater wine community.

This nine-month program includes in-person sessions, inspirational speakers, thoughtful conversation, outside reading assignments and work on a group project. It offers stimulating environment of personal and professional development in which each participant takes responsibility and shares ownership.

The group will formulate innovative and visionary responses to challenges, develop strategic thinking and sharper decision-making skills, drive collective growth, and help create a new generation of leaders who, with pride and humility, can answer the question: how can we do this even better?


"The NVV leadership program really inspired me to step up not only in the company I work for, but to take a broader step and think about also leading for the common good of Napa. Listening to heroes like Beth Novak, Emma Swain, Bill Harlan, David Pearson and so many other inspiring people, was a pivotal moment to transform my aspirations into action by getting more involved and running for the Board of Directors."
- Elizabeth Vianna, Winemaker/General Manager, Chimney Rock Winery
"I was inspired and challenged by an incredible group of talented and smart individuals, all working towards a common goal – the health and sustainability of Napa Valley’s future. Taking on a leadership role on the Board of Directors is an amazing opportunity to help shape a community where everyone has a seat at the table and everyone is welcome"
- Jaime Araujo, Owner, Troix Noix

2022-2023 Cohort

Napa Valley Vintners Leadership Program 2022-2023 Napa Valley Leadership Cohort

2021-2022 Cohort

Napa Valley Vintners Leadership Program 2021-2022 Napa Valley Leadership Cohort

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May 19, 2022

February 18, 2022

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