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Legislation Allows Napa Wineries to Better Use Social Media

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Napa Winery Breaks Ground for Tasting Room Rebuild, Marks Fire Anniversary

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California Wineries Will Be Allowed to Post Photos to Social Media Ahead of Special Events

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Tied House Rules

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Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund Distributes $6.2 Million for Fire Relief

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Napa Valley Positive About Harvest Season

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Let’s Drink to the Hardworking People

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Thanking Vintners for Supporting NapaLearns

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Napa’s New Hot Wine List: Here Are Our Picks of the Top 2016 Cabernet Lots from Barrel Auction 2018.

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‘Boys & Girls’ Get New Facility in American Canyon

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Auction Napa Valley: A Lot More Than Bidding on Wine

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A Day at Charles Krug Winery Made Easy for Tasting Napa Valley Wines

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Auction Napa Valley Raises $13.6 Million for Local Charities

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Four Imperials of Opus One and Masked Ball Experience Sell for $1.4m

the drinks business, 6/5/2018

Auction Napa Valley 2018 Raises over US$13 Million

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Auction Napa Valley 2018 Highlights

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Auction Napa Valley Raises $13.6 Million for Local Nonprofits

Napa Register, 6/4/2018

Auction Napa Valley Raises $13.6 Million for Charity in Its 38th Year

Wine Spectator, 6/4/2018

Auction Napa Valley 2018 Brings in $13.6M

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Auction Napa Valley Projected to Raise More Than $13 Million in First Post-Fire Edition

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Big Bids to Benefit Napa Valley Nonprofits

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Beautiful, Warm Day for Napa Valley Barrel Auction at St. Helena's Charles Krug Winery

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Mondavi Sisters Are Honorary Chairs of 2018 Auction Napa Valley

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St. Helena Star/Napa Valley Vintner Panelists Enjoy, Taste and Rank Today’s Napa Valley Sauvigon Blanc

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Auction Napa Valley Opens E-bidding Phase

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A Camel with Your Cabernet? Get Ready for America's Most Glamorous Wine Event

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Auction Napa Valley Online Bidding Opens May 27

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Auction Napa Valley Online Auction Opens Sunday

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The Surprise of 2015 in Napa and Other California Wines Reviewed

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Charity Wine Auctions:The 2018 Lots

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Napa Valley Vintners Secures Certification Mark Protection in UK Ahead of Brexit

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St. Helena Star/Napa Valley Vintners Panel Tasting: 2017 Napa Valley Rosé Wines Foretell Story of Last Year's Reds

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The Green Wine Trail: 10 of Napa's Most Sustainable Wineries

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Napa, Sonoma Wineries Are Pouring As California Wildfire Memories Fade

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California Lawmakers Praise Napa Wineries for Going Green

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St. Helena Star/Napa Valley Vintners Tasting Panelists judge, rank Napa Valley Merlots

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China Finds California Wine Pairs Well With A Trade War

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The Rise of Napa Valley Cabernet

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The Resurrection of Mt. Veeder

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Ask the Vintners: Questions about Napa Green

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The Big Five of Napa Valley

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California Greening

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Want to Help Napa Recover from the Wildfires? Visit and Drink Wine.

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The Great Wines of Premiere Napa Valley 2018

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In Napa Valley, The Scars of the October Wildfires Are Hard To Spot

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Why Premiere Napa Valley Is Crucial To A Winemaker’s Creativity

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Wine Ink: On Taste and Tastings: A Community Practice

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Premiere Napa Valley 2018

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2018 Premiere Napa Valley: One Difficult Task for Determined Star/NVV Tasting Panel

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Napa Valley Vintners’ Barrel Tasting and Auction Raises More Than $4.1 Million

Beverage Industry Enthusiast, 2/27/2018

Premiere Napa Valley raises US$4.1m

the drinks business, 2/27/2018

Premiere Napa Valley Raises More Than $4 Million

Haute Living, 2/27/2018

Premiere Napa Valley 2018 Raises More Than $4.1 Million

Decanter, 2/26/2018

Premiere Napa Valley Coverage

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Premiere Napa Valley raises $4.1 million; Silver Oak Cab sells for $110,000

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The Rockstar Vintage: Tasting 2016 Cabernet at Premiere Napa Valley

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Why We Should Support Premiere Napa Valley

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Ask the Vintners: The Napa Valley Vintners’ Other Wine Auction

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Go Napa Green

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Vineyard Owners Given New Resources for Controlling Erosion into the Napa River

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California Dreaming

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What to Drink Now: Events and Destinations for the Wine Lover

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Biz Buzz: Napa Valley Vintners Announces Board Leadership

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Napa Neighbor Day Offers Wine Club Privileges for Locals

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Seven Ways the Wine World Will Change in 2018

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Ask the Vintners: Bringing Together Napa Valley’s Wine and Restaurant Communities

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Top 100 Napa and Sonoma Wines of 2017

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The World's Best Cabernet Sauvignon

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California Flames: Saving Vintage 2017

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In Northern California, Forgotten Victims of the Wildfires Struggle To Regain Their Footing

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Napa Valley Vintners Grant $2.8 Million to Children’s Education

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Star/NVV Panelists Rank the Best Napa Valley Wines

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Our View: Strengthening Our Non-Profit Community

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California Fundraiser Tasting in Pictures

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What Happens in the Wineries in December?

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After The Worst Fire In 40 Years, Wine Still Flows In Napa Valley

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How Wine Country Tourism Is Recovering After Devastating Wildfires

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After the Wildfires, Low-Key Coombsville Offers a Different Napa Valley

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WineInk: Let’s Drink to the Hard-Working People

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The 50 Best Wines of 2017

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Tyler Florence Joins Napa and Sonoma Winemakers to Give Thanks After Trying Year

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After the Wildfires, Low-Key Coombsville Offers a Different Napa Valley

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Napa Valley Vintners Disperses $6.2 Million to Healthcare Agencies

Napa Valley Register, 11/17/2017