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2018 Premiere Napa Valley: One Difficult Task for Determined Star/NVV Tasting Panel

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Napa Valley Vintners’ Barrel Tasting and Auction Raises More Than $4.1 Million

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Premiere Napa Valley raises US$4.1m

the drinks business, 2/27/2018

Premiere Napa Valley Raises More Than $4 Million

Haute Living, 2/27/2018

Premiere Napa Valley 2018 Raises More Than $4.1 Million

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Premiere Napa Valley Coverage

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Premiere Napa Valley raises $4.1 million; Silver Oak Cab sells for $110,000

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In Northern California, Forgotten Victims of the Wildfires Struggle To Regain Their Footing

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Napa Valley Vintners Grant $2.8 Million to Children’s Education

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The 50 Best Wines of 2017

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After the Wildfires, Low-Key Coombsville Offers a Different Napa Valley

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Napa Valley Vintners Disperses $6.2 Million to Healthcare Agencies

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12 Fantastic Places to Taste Wine With Food in Napa Valley

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Napa Valley and Sonoma County Wineries Are Open for Business

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Why You Should Still Visit the Caribbean, Napa Valley and Other Areas in Recovery

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How The California Wildfires Could Change the Wine Industry Forever

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Weeks after wildfires, California wine country is ‘as beautiful as ever’ — and hurting for visitors

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Weeks After North Bay Firestorm, Napa Hotels Still Recovering

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With Fires 100% Contained, Napa and Sonoma Ask Tourists to Return

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Beyond The Fires, What The Napa Valley Wine Economy Can Teach Us

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Napa Aids The Working Poor and Moderate Income Earners

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Don’t Cancel Your Wine Country Travel Plans

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Napa Valley Politicians Say: To Support Wildfire Victims, Go Wine Tasting

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Napa, Sonoma Are Open For Business — And Would Love To See You

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How to Help Napa Valley Recover from the California Wildfires

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How to Help Napa Valley Recover from the California Wildfires

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Why You Should Start Planning a Trip to California Wine Country Now

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Helping Northern California Wine Country After the Fires

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The Vines Still Grow WineInk: The Vines Still Grow

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Napa Optimistic As Region Begins To Reopen Following Tragic Wildfires

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What Can We Do to Help California’s Wine Country?

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Amid Tragedy in California's Wine Country, There's some Cause for Hope

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The Wildfires Will Make Us Stronger, Says Napa Winemaker The Wildfires Will Make Us Stronger, Says Napa Winemaker

the drinks business, 10/18/2017

Investing in Early Learning

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Facts about the Napa County Watershed and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative of 2018

Napa Valley Register, 9/24/2017

Napa Valley Vintners Seek Support for Progressive Napa Valley Early Learning Initiative

Napa Valley Register, 9/16/2017

Californian Heatwave: ‘Too Soon to Tell’ If Yields Affected

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Fresh Batch of Napa Winemakers Barrel Into New Territory

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Vintage Retrospective: The 1997 Napa Valley Cabernets

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Napa Vintners Harvest Wine in Cool of Night to Protect Workers from Heat

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Falling in Love with These Napa Valley Pinot Noirs

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Napa Harvest Starts with Sparkling

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Napa Wine Harvest Gets Underway in 'Frisky' Year

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Sparkling Wine Houses Launch 2017 Grape Harvest

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Star/NVV Panelists Rank Chardonnay Under $40

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Who Are the Napa Valley Vintners?

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Worker Housing Funded by Napa Vineyards Can’t Meet Demand

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How Much for This Jeroboam? For This Famous Chef? Food Festivals Lure the Wealthy

The New York Times, 7/1/2017

Napa County Receives $250,000 From State for Farmworker Housing

Napa Valley Register, 6/30/2017

Napa Valley Vintners Tout Quality, Sustainability in France

Napa Valley Register, 6/28/2017

Wine Industry Leaders Take on Climate Change at Vinexpo

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Sofia Coppola’s Favorite Spots to Eat and Drink in Napa

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Just Back From...The Napa Wine Auction with The Coppolas

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Behind the Scenes at Auction Napa Valley, the High-Rolling Party for Wine Lovers

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Coppolas Add Hollywood Glamour to Auction Napa Valley

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Auction Napa Valley 2017 In Pictures

The Drinks Business, 6/7/2017

Napa Valley Vintners’ Auction Raises $15.7 Million for Charities

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The Glitzy Napa Valley Happening You Need to See For Yourself

Afar, 6/6/2017

Auction Napa Valley Raises $15.7 million

Napa Valley Register, 6/5/2017

Auction Napa Valley Raises $15.7 Million

Wines & Vines, 6/5/2017

Boasting a Star-Studded Cast and Great Wines, Auction Napa Valley Raises $15.7 Million

Wine Spectator, 6/5/2017

Weekend Roundup: Auction Napa Valley

Haute Living, 6/5/2017

Auction Napa Valley Raises $15M for Health, Education Nonprofits

North Bay Business Journal, 6/5/2017

'Super Lot' Helps Auction Napa Valley Raise Nearly $16 Million

Decanter, 6/5/2017

Wine Sells for $2M at Napa Charity Auction

ABC 7, 6/5/2017

Energy Permeates Auction Napa Valley

Napa Valley Register, 6/4/2017

Estimated $15.5 Million Raised at Auction Napa Valley with Francis Ford Coppola as Guest Chef

The Press Democrat, 6/4/2017

Auction Napa Valley 2017

Napa Valley Life, 6/2/2017

Francis Ford Coppola Is Cooking for 900 People

Architectural, 6/2/2017

Inglenook Winery Hosts Barrel Auction Crowd

St. Helena Star, 6/2/2017

Interview: Napa Valley Wine Auction

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Napa Valley's Glitziest Event Gets the Coppola Family Cooking

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What To Expect at This Year’s Auction Napa Valley

Press Democrat, 5/31/2017

Napa Valley Wine Auction Gears Up for Four Days of Luxurious Hospitality

Napa Valley Register, 5/31/2017

400 Volunteers Needed for World-Class Auction Napa Valley Benefit

Weekly Calistogan, 5/30/2017

Francis Ford Coppola to co-host charity auction in the Napa Valley

Financial Times, 5/26/2017

Auction Action: 37th Annual Event Brings Fun, Supports Good Causes

Weekly Calistogan, 5/24/2017