Napa Valley Rocks

Napa Valley Rocks is an engaging appellation education program digging into what makes the Napa Valley America's premier winegrowing region. Trade members are encouraged to use these materials to help tell the Napa Valley story to trade and consumers. NV Rocks also makes an excellent training tool for your staff members who regularly speak about the Napa Valley AVA.

The program includes:

  • NEW: Get Napa Valley Certified with a 60-minute online educational training
  • PowerPoint presentations and instructor guides in English, Mandarin, French, Spanish and Japanese, which can be adapted to to your audience and timeframe.
  • Our Cultivating Excellence trade resource for iPad and Android tablets
  • A series of short videos
  • An exploration of Napa Valley's top-planted varieties
  • Two easy to execute tasting templates and more...

All formats explore the unique geological formation of the valley, why it is the ideal climate to grow grapes, historical milestones, and the tradition of leadership that is continued today. Napa Valley Rocks will further anyone's understanding of Napa Valley, and its place within the world of wine.

For additional inquiries, please contact NVV education manager Connor Best at 707.968.4225.

The Napa Valley Rocks Program includes:


New: Napa Valley Rocks Online Training

Napa Rocks online

Get Napa Valley Rocks Certified! We recommend that you start and finish the training in one sitting, however you may start the training now and finish at a later time only if you use the same device and you do not clear its cookies. It will take about 50 minutes to complete the training. At the end of the training, you'll find a link to a 26-question quiz, which should take an additional 10 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed the quiz, you'll be Napa Valley Rocks Certified. Please download and print your Certificate of Completion.


Download the Powerpoint

Powerpoint presentation in varying lengths outlining the unique attributes of the Napa Valley appellation.
(Note: these are large files and we recommend you save them to your computer first before trying to open)

English: Foreign language:

Download Napa Valley Cultivating Excellence Resource for Tablets, best for individual or small group settngs.

Videos: seven short videos or one 20-minute full-length video

Foreign Language Versions (on YouTube):

Subscribe to the video podcast:

Napa Valley Educational Tastings made easy

Use these easy tasting templates to create your very own Napa Valley wine tasting: