Napa Valley’s Rarest Wines Available for Pre-Order By Collectors Worldwide

Wines to be Released by Retailers in Premiere Week Celebrations This Fall


Napa Valley’s Rarest Wines Available for Pre-Order By Collectors Worldwide Photo by Alexander Rubin for Napa Valley Vintners


2/26/2020 - St. Helena, CA – No world-class wine cellar is complete without a Premiere Napa Valley wine. Starting today, collectors may procure one or more of the 201 unique wine futures sold last week at the 24th annual auction by pre-ordering directly from the wine trade listed online at

Included in the collection are an expansive selection of Cabernet Sauvignons as well as a smaller assortment of additional red and white wine varietals. Available in quantities as few as 60 bottles and never more than 240, every bottle of Premiere Napa Valley wine tells a distinctive story about site, soils, varieties, blending, history and winemaking style. While Napa Valley is renowned for producing the highest quality wines, Premiere Napa Valley wines are without equal.

“When we are asked to make only one barrel of wine never to be made again, it takes a lot of debate. When you want it to be the crème de la crème, you pull out all the stops,” said Winemaker Chris Phelps of Inglenook.

More than 90 percent of this year’s extraordinary micro-production wines are from the 2018 vintage. “It’s personally one of my top three vintages in Napa Valley,” said Phillipe Melka, proprietor of Melka Estates. “2018 is one of the rare vintages that shows the diversity between the hillsides, the valley floor, and all the different terroir. You can really feel the combined finesse, elegance, but also the tannic structure that makes you feel like the wines are going to age for a long, long time.”

Gary Fisch, owner of Gary’s Wine & Marketplace added, “It’s one of the widest and deepest vintages we’ve tasted; from ripe, rich, fruity wines to wines that have grit and good structure. I suggest you buy a lot of this vintage. Lay some down for a long time and start drinking some in the next five to ten years.”

Each bottle of Premiere Napa Valley wine is also hand-finished with a custom Premiere Napa Valley label, signed by the winemaker and individually numbered.

“Premiere wines are irreplaceable and exclusive. With so few bottles ever produced, to be able to own a bottle to share with friends and family is a rare opportunity,” added Cristina Pearce, director of fine wine at Total Wine & More.

In celebration of these one-of-a-kind wines coming to market in the fall, the Napa Valley Vintners has scheduled the second annual Premiere Napa Valley Release Week November 9-14, 2020. Scores of tastings and winemaker events around the world will honor the release of the latest vintages of Premiere Napa Valley wines. More information on the events will be available this summer at

“Wines operate in sort of this magical space between hedonistic pleasure, alchemy, and art, so I don’t think you can get a better fine wine experience than a unique [Premiere Napa Valley] lot,” says London-based Will Buckland of TMB Wine Trading.


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