Napa Valley Vintners Announces $1.8 Million in Funding Toward Active Aging and Compassionate Elder Care in Napa County


Napa Valley Vintners Announces $1.8 Million in Funding Toward Active Aging and Compassionate Elder Care in Napa County


2/2/2020 - The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) trade association has announced $1.8 million in grant funding for active aging and compassionate elder care in Napa County. The funds are made possible by proceeds from the NVV’s annual community fundraiser, Auction Napa Valley. To date, the NVV has invested more than $195 million in community health and children’s education in Napa County.

The four nonprofit organizations funded in this second of three phases under the NVV’s community health giving include Collabria, Mentis, OLE Health and Rianda House. These organizations anticipate serving nearly 14,000 Napa County residents in 2020.

Through the nonprofits supported in this grant category, seniors in Napa County can access programs and healthcare that help them stay healthy and assist seniors and their families in navigating often daunting healthcare channels. Benefits to individuals frequently extend to the community at large, as it is often working adults taking care of children who seek support for their families.

A powerful synergistic impact of NVV funding to nonprofit partners in Napa County is the connections between these partners in providing referrals and easy access to most effectively and comprehensively meet the needs of the populations they serve. 

An example of this synergy is the continuum of care extended to Judy and Milton Crabb.

When Judy first started taking exercise classes at Rianda House Senior Activity Center, she didn’t really consider herself an “older person.” She wanted to stay active and stimulated, she wanted to stay social and growing.

Life threw a curve ball when her husband, Milton started forgetting things, started faltering when trying to find the right words.  Through a collaboration between Rianda House and Collabria, Milton had access to a social worker for an initial brain assessment, leading to an appointment with a neurologist.

The Alzheimer diagnosis was devastating to both of them. But in the midst of that devastation was the support they were able to access with Rianda House and Collabria at a convenient, up-valley location. Milton immersed himself in a brain fitness class that he loved, attending every week. Judy took part in a caregiver’s support group, where she found new friends, friends who were walking the same path as she was.

“A thriving senior center is a keen reminder to older adults that they are valued community members who are respected, revered and relished,” said Julie Spencer, executive director of Rianda House. “We are extremely grateful to the Napa Valley Vintners for their continued leadership in funding programs throughout Napa County that provide older adults with no-cost programs supporting wellness, social connections, and links to vital resources, including compassionate end of life care.”

View Judy and Milton’s story, as well as other valued community support made possible by NVV funding, in the Auction Napa Valley Video Gallery at

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Active Aging and Compassionate Elder Care Funding

Rianda House $90,000 

Rianda House is a thriving up-valley senior activity center, offering a one-stop shop approach to connecting the community’s senior population to the programs, services and resources needed to support independence and successful aging. 

Collabria  $500,000

Collabria Care is committed to providing professional healthcare, expert resources and compassionate support to individuals and their loved ones experiencing the transitions of aging, serious illness or facing the end of life.

Mentis $ 400,000

In collaboration with Collabria Care, Mentis provides the Healthy Minds, Healthy Aging program providing behavioral and cognitive/dementia health prevention, early intervention, case management and mental health services for underserved older adults. 

OLE Health $800,000

OLE Health’s Napa Valley Vintners South Napa Campus is the medical home to more than 37,000 Napa County patients, impacting one in four children and one in six adults. In addition to medical services for seniors:

  • OLE Health is the largest provider of dental services for low-income families in Napa County.
  • The new location offers the addition of optometry services, a community garden and a teaching kitchen.
  • An on-site lab and pharmacy helps patients manage their health care needs in one location.

Contact: Stacey Dolan Capitani, Vice President of Marketing,, 707.968.4202


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