Napa Valley Vintners Breaks Membership Record

Renowned Wine Trade Association Going Strong


9/30/2008 - St Helena, CA-The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) non-profit trade association announces that its board of directors approved a record thirteen new wineries at its September meeting, bringing the total membership to 325 wineries. "Overall for 2008 we have added 33 new wineries to our roster which demonstrates that the camaraderie among vintners and support for the appellation's efforts is at an all-time high," said NVV Executive Director Linda Reiff.

The strength of the trade association and its appellation have long been noted to be due to its members' efforts to cooperatively promote and protect the wine region first and individual brands second. Though Napa Valley produces just 4% of California's wine, it is responsible for approximately one-third of the economic impact of all of California's wine industry. The appellation and its trade association have been leaders in the industry's most forward-thinking land use initiatives and farming programs, climate study and green business practices fostering such top-notch programs as Napa Green Land and Napa Green Winery certification programs. Earlier this year, in an interview with Wine Spectator regarding Napa Green, renowned environmentalist and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard said, "I've been at this for thirty years and this is the best, most well-though-out program I've ever seen."

This collective of wineries is also host to the world's most successful charity wine auction, Auction Napa Valley that to date has given nearly $78 million to healthcare, youth service and affordable housing non-profits. The 2008 event raised more than $10.3 million and will award grants in early November bringing that giving total even higher.

The NVV promotes the appellation and its wines domestically and internationally via market blitzes which this year took hundreds of wineries to Florida and San Francisco, as well as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka. In 2009 look for the association's blitzes of New York City in March and Chicago in September. The NVV also hosts numerous educational intensives such as Master Napa Valley for advanced-level masters of wine and master sommeliers, Napa Valley Wine Educators Academy for wine educators and the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers, among others.

About the NVV
Now in our seventh decade, the Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) non-profit trade association is the sole organization responsible for promoting and protecting the Napa Valley Appellation as a winegrowing region second to none in the world. Respect for our history reinforces our commitment to the preservation and enhancement of the Valley's land, wine, and community for future generations. We address the shared interests of our 325 member wineries and aspire to be the essential organization for all Napa Valley vintners.

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