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Prime Solum

459 Walnut Street
Napa  CA 94559
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Open only by calling first, with appointment.

Bill Hill ia a long time winegrower in Napa. His career has been built upon the well known principal that the quality of wine is determined primarily by the vineyard from which it is sourced. He has been on a 40 year odyssey and quest to understand climates and soils and how they determine wine qualities. Along the way, he had the opportunity to design, develop, farm and make wine from the mountains of Napa Valley, the hills of Western Sonoma, the beautiful Anderson valley in Mendocino, the bucolic Eola Hills in Oregon and the Ocean cooled Santa Rita Hills in Santa Barbara. It has been a great ride.

To make the best possible wine, it is essential to source from a vineyard with near ideal climates and soils. However you can’t stop there. The vineyard must be developed in a state of the art fashion in every way. From varietal selection, to plant material selection, to soil preparation, to infrastructure such as trellis choices, all of these things must be optimized. Likewise, the vineyard so created must then farmed meticulously, following practices that are known to result in high wine quality. All good wine makers know that the potential character of the wine is largely determined by the time the fruit is harvested. Great winemakers spend a lot of time in the vineyard.

As if that is not enough, to make the best wine, one must then do everything in the cellar with the same tenacious dedication to perfection that was evoked in the farming.
To make the best possible wine one must start with the great vineyard and then do everything right.

Brokenrock Vineyard
Over this 40 year career Bill has had the opportunity to design over 50 vineyards. Many of them have lived up to my aspirations but none more than Brokenrock Ranch which he started planting in 1997. Nestled on the southwest shoulder of Atlas Peak in Napa Valley this mountain vineyard has it all. Excellent rocky well drained soil, lots of sun exposure as it floats above the fog, embraced by cool ocean breezes, they all add up to ideal conditions for Cabernet Sauvignon and its varietal companions, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot.

Prime Solum
For a number of years it has been Bill's plan to create a new label under which he could produce single vineyard Cabernets from Brokenrock. He initiated this program with the 2009 vintage and with his longtime friend and wine making associate, Patrick Mahaney. Patrick has been making wine in Napa for almost as long as Bill has been growing grapes. He is one of the most talented winemakers in the business.

Solum is a term from soil science which refers to the state of the evolution of soil at which it is best for plant growth. PRIME SOLUM means an optimal place to grow something, in this case, great Cabernet grapes for wine!

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  • Open to the public
  • Open by appointment - call/email
  • Offers regular daily tours
  • Tasting at tasting bar
  • Tasting available in private area
  • Tasting fee waived with wine purchase
  • Indoor tasting area
  • Barrel tasting available
  • Family run
  • Winery practices sustainable agriculture/production
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Our tasting room is located in downtown Napa at our Barrel facility. 459 Walnut Street, Napa, CA. Tastings are by appointment only. Please call 707-226-8569 x 105 and ask for Megan Furth for an appointment.

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Prime Solum Wine Club

Wine clubs are a great way to stay connected to your favorite wineries.

To join the wine club, visit or call 707-226-8569.

Please call 707-226-8569 x 109 and ask for Paul.

  • Cabernet Franc
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Petit Verdot
  • Atlas Peak
  • Napa Valley

Premiere Napa Valley

Once a year the rarest new Napa Valley wines become available under one roof at Premiere Napa Valley. Wineries throughout the Napa Valley are given one task to participate: create a one-of-a-kind wine for this event to be purchased by one lucky bidder. This event is only open to select members of the wine trade and the successful bidder is the sole owner of this unique wine.

Premiere Napa Valley 2017

Prime Solum
Cases: 5
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2015
Release Date: October - 2019
Appellation: Napa Valley

To purchase this wine or check on availability contact:

Lakeside Beverages
Granite Bay CA

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