Within the Napa Valley American Viticultural
Area or AVA are currently 16 recognized sub-
or “nested” AVAs recognized for possessing
distinguishable characteristics, including mi-
croclimate and terrain, and cultural and his-
torical distinction. The Napa Valley was the
first AVA to be recognized in California in
The majority of Napa Valley’s producers are
also small: 77% of the NVV’s 450 member
wineries make less than 10,000 cases of wine
a year, and nearly 65% produce less than
5,000 cases annually. And 95% of Napa Val-
ley wineries are family owned.
In spite of its small size, the Napa Valley wine
industry has a big impact. It results in 46,000
jobs in Napa County alone with a total an-
nual local economic impact of more than $13
billion. The Napa Valley wine industry has a
$50 billion annual impact on the US econo-
my which accounts for 27% of the California
wine industry’s total economic impact on the
US economy.
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