Premiere Napa Valley A wine portfolio
of the world’s rarest wines…
Produced in
California's renowned Napa Valley, Premiere
Napa Valley is one of the rarest wine brands
in the world. Since 1997 the region’s top wine-
makers have offered ultra-boutique wines to
the trade, crafted in as few as 60 and never
more than 240 bottles, as individual bottlings
for the brand known as Premiere Napa Valley.
These wines, created each only once, by 200
different wineries are offered as futures at
auction only to the wine trade—individual res-
taurateurs and wine retailers—so they have
the most unique, and some of the very best
wines made from America’s leading appella-
tion. Essentially think of Premiere Napa Val-
ley as a brand consisting of 200 "single vine-
yard," small case production offerings. Each
wine from each producer is one-of-a-kind,
and will not be found in the market except
by the wine seller who secures the unique
wine via an annual trade auction held each
winter in Napa Valley. Though reminiscent of
how Hospice de Beaune wines are produced,
the process is uniquely American. The wine-
makers take a gloves-off approach, often us-
ing varieties they may not bottle as a stand-
alone, or perhaps a noted white-wine-only
house producing a red wine. These wines are
innovative and showcase the region's sense
of exploration in fine winemaking.
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