When it comes to wine, there is no ingredient more important than location. The land, air,
water and weather where grapes are grown are what make each wine unique. That is why
wine enthusiasts demand that a wine’s true origin be clearly identified on its label in order
to make informed decisions when purchasing and consuming wine. This ensures consum-
ers know where their wine comes from and protects the sanctity of wine growing regions
To educate consumers, wine trade and influencers on the importance of wine place and ori-
gin, a group of seven founding wine regions gathered to begin the mission. The Declaration
was first signed in Napa Valley on July 26, 2005. The founding signatory regions includ-
ed: Champagne, France; Jerez (Sherry), Spain; Porto, Portugal; Washington State, Oregon,
Walla Walla Valley and Napa Valley, US. Since then the Chianti Classico, Italy; Long Island,
Sonoma County, Paso Robles, US; Tokaj, Hungary; Victoria and Western Australia; and Rioja,
Spain have joined the coalition along with tens of thousands of wine lovers from all sectors
and countries who have shown their support.
Just as one would expect Florida oranges to be from sunny Florida or Idaho potatoes to be
from Idaho—Champagne is a specific wine to the French region of Champagne, Napa Valley
is unique and specific to the region in Northern California and so on.
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The NVV in partnership with Visit Napa Valley and Visit San Francisco represent North
America as America’s great wine capital in the global network of wine regions known as
the Great Wine Capitals Global Network. Only one region from each country may represent
that country as a Great Wine Capital and Napa Valley/San Francisco is proud to join Men-
doza, Argentina; Bordeaux, France; Mainz/Reinhessen, Germany; Oporto, Portugal; Bilbao/
Rioja, Spain; Florence, Italy; Christchurch/South Island, New Zealand; and Johannesburg/
Cape Wine Lands, South Africa. This network of fine wine regions seeks commonality, prob-
lem solving and information sharing on business development and tourism issues relevant
to all wine regions.
Most notably, the network hosts the “Best of Wine Tourism” awards where businesses in
each region compete within their own region and then with the winners from the regional
awards competing in the “Best of” global awards in areas such as best wine tourism experi-
ence, best wine region restaurant, and more.
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great wine capitals global network
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