Greening of the Winemaking Process
As a complement to Napa Green Certified
Land, in 2008 the NVV developed a companion
program for Napa Valley’s winery production
facilities. Napa Green Certified Winery further
leverages Napa Green and the strong track re-
cord built with the widely-embraced environ-
mental program; continuing the sustainable
practices from the vineyard and land through
the winemaking process in the wineries.
Napa Green Certified Winery is an indepen-
dent third-party certification program to en-
courage and assist Napa Valley vintners to
implement beneficial and verifiable environ-
mental practices through; preserving and en-
hancing the environment of the Napa Valley,
demonstrating a commitment to our commu-
nity, and providing leadership for the wine
Napa Green Certified Winery is a Napa-spe-
cific set of sustainable and green business
practices developed for wineries. The NVV
is working closely with our partners at the
Napa County Department of Environmental
Management and the Green Business Pro-
gram as third party certifiers. Certified win-
eries demonstrate a commitment to conserv-
ing water and energy, reducing waste and
preventing pollution. The efforts of Napa
Green Certified Winery are aimed at reducing
or eliminating the carbon footprint of wine
production facilities as part of the broader
view of excellent business. Certification goes
beyond compliance, meeting or exceeding
environmental regulations related to winery
operations, and helps wineries become more
sustainable through economically viable, en-
vironmentally sensitive and socially equita-
ble practices.
Participation in the program has many ben-
efits that help meet these environmental,
economic and social equity goals of sustain-
ability. For example, certification can offer
wineries the regulatory assurance they need
so the focus is on continuous improvement
and can assist with navigating new laws re-
lated to climate protection and emission re-
ductions; many wineries also realize econom-
ic benefits through implementation of green
business practices and when the bottom line
improves, they can direct more resources to
innovation and sustainability.
Participation in the program also provides a
solid platform for educating distributors, re-
tailers, and consumers about sustainability.
Through efforts like Napa Green Certified
Winery, Napa Valley wineries are taking ac-
tion to protect the environmental quality of
the region and are committed to the contin-
ued stewardship of our natural resources.
A complete list of NVV members certified
in Napa Green Winery can be found on the
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