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Howell at the Moon

425 Cold Springs Road
Angwin  CA 94508

Howell at the Moon Vineyards and Winery is on a 21 acre rural site at the top of Howell Mountain in Angwin. The administrative area consists of a 1000 sq. foot brick farmhouse built in 1923, and a 1600 sq. foot entertainment deck, with a professional outdoor kitchen, wood burning pizza oven, and swimming pool/hot tub, that can accomadate private tastings and parties.
A second site on the property includes a 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom fully furnished guest house located in the same area where a production winery facility is being built.

Directions to Howell at the Moon:

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  • Open by appointment - call/email
  • Offers tours by appointment - call/email
  • Dog friendly - It's ok to bring your dog!
  • Seated tasting available
  • Tasting available in private area
  • Complimentary Tasting
  • Outdoor tasting area
  • Winemaker or owner usually available
  • Winery has gardens
  • Winery has picnic area
  • Fireplace
  • Winery property is historical landmark
  • Romantic
  • Winery practices sustainable agriculture/production
  • Winery can host corporate functions up to 30 people
Tasting Room Size


Tasting Room Atmosphere
 Modern/Rustic Atmosphere
 Modern/Rustic Atmosphere
Formal/Casual Atmosphere
Formal/Casual Atmosphere
Lively/Quiet Atmosphere
Lively/Quiet Atmosphere

Outdoors in the center of my Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards on an entertainment deck.
Winter time indoors by a fireplace !

Music in Tasting Room:  Various types of music from an Ipod

View from Tasting Room:  Taste while surrounded by vineyards

Wine Education: On site vineyard education

Food Available:  Light snacks

Howell at the Moon Wine Club

Wine clubs are a great way to stay connected to your favorite wineries.

To join the wine club, visit or call 415.310.8628.

Moon Howellers

Napa Neighbor

The offer listed below is valid for all Napa Valley residents age 21 and over.

Complementary tasting for local resident and 3 guests.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Howell Mountain

Premiere Napa Valley

Once a year the rarest new Napa Valley wines become available under one roof at Premiere Napa Valley. Wineries throughout the Napa Valley are given one task to participate: create a one-of-a-kind wine for this event to be purchased by one lucky bidder. This event is only open to select members of the wine trade and the successful bidder is the sole owner of this unique wine.

Premiere Napa Valley 2014

Howell at the Moon, Kelleher & Peacock Winery
Cases: 20
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2012
Release Date: October - 2014
Appellation: Napa Valley

To purchase this wine or check on availability contact:

Pleasanton CA

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