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Harvest Napa Valley 2015

Wrapping Up One of the Earliest Harvests Ever

It’s hard to believe, but winemakers from several parts of the Napa Valley report being done or close to being done picking grapes for the 2015 vintage. Harvest normally continues into late October or even early November for most vintners, but not this year. In some of the cooler hillside areas, a few blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon and other varieties used to make Napa Valley red wine blends are still hanging on the vine building their flavors, but most vineyards on the valley floor are “picked out” and the fermenting juice is “barreled down.” Even though the vineyards are growing quieter, wineries throughout Napa Valley are bustling with activity as active fermentations are pumped over, punched down and pressed off. Winemakers continue to express their excitement about the quality of this year’s harvest – and their frustration at the limited yields they’re experiencing.

The harvest is winding down. Only a few lots of Cabernet Sauvignon are left to be picked. Most all other varieties are in and 2015 will go down in history as one of the earliest harvests ever. It will leave us plenty of time to prepare for a hopefully normal winter with plenty of rainfall. The nights are getting cool it is clear that fall is here.”

Alexander Eisele, General Manager, Volker Eisele Family Estate

A Day in the Life of Napa Valley’s Harvest

A Day in the Life of Napa Valley’s Harvest

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Harvest Traditions

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Picking Cabernet and Other Reds

Picking Cabernet and Other Reds

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How Cabernet Sauvignon is Made

Napa Valley is known worldwide for the exceptional quality of its Cabernet Sauvignon. The region’s rich and varied soils combined with Napa’s many microclimates offer the perfect conditions to create wines with dense, dark fruit character and complexity.