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Harvest Napa Valley 2015

Harvest Napa Valley 2015 is Underway!

The first grapes were picked at dawn on Wednesday, July 22, heralding an early start for this year’s harvest season. The grapes are destined to become Napa Valley sparkling wine and are usually the first to be picked. The reason? To ensure the bright acidity that winemakers are looking for in this style of wine.

What made the day special for Ludovic Dervin, winemaker for Mumm Napa Valley? “On the first day of harvest we saber a bottle of sparkling wine and sprinkle it on the grapes in the first press load. It celebrates the end of a cycle in the vineyard, and honors the rite of passage between the grape growers and the winemakers, taking custody of our precious Napa Valley grapes.”

Aromatic white wine grapes, like Sauvignon Blanc, are expected to be picked in early August – follow #NapaHarvest and be among the first to know!


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